Posted on Thursday, February 20 / 2003

Border Patrol Catches Imposter Vehicles, 'Ya'll Cant Fool Us' Agents Boast

No Photo Credit Issued TUCSON - Border Patrol officers on Wednesday seized nearly a ton of marijuana and 81 Mexicans concealed inside two sport utility vehicles painted to resemble U.S. Border Patrol SUV's and intercepted at the Texas/Mexican border.

It all started in the late evening Wednesday when Bobby Joe Jones of the Border Patrol stated he spotted a vehicle resembling a Border Patrol sport utility vehicle speeding through the Texas desert. "It just darn didn't look rights to me," Jones later told reporters recounting the event. "I saws all these arms and legs hanging out the winders."

Officer Jones gave chase after the suspect vehicles, almost losing them at one point when he swallowed his chewing tobacco. "I swallered it whole but my training kicked in and I wuz determined to get 'em."

Once the vehicles were stopped, agents discovered 1900 pounds of marijuana and 81 Mexican illegals - some of which were concealed in the door panels and inside a fake gas tank. Several dozen car stereos were also recovered.

Interrogations later shed the light on the original plan which called for the illegals to make their way to Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch where two Mexican children, one boy and one girl, would be swapped for room and board.

Retired Sheriff John Bunnell called the entire chase "shocking high speed motor mayhem on a collision course with deadly disaster where the only place these low down drug dealers are going is straight to jail."

Eddie Newman reporting for News2me



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