Posted on Wednesday, February 26 / 2003

Family Sues Anna Nicole Smith & E! Entertainment Over Teenagers Death

Photo thanks to Reuters  LOS ANGELES- The entertainment society was riveted today as news was announced of a lawsuit against Anna Nicole Smith and E! Entertainment Television, Inc.

The suit, placed by the Williams family from Phoenix City, Alabama, blames the model/actress and E! for glamorizing Nicole's large plump size towards teens which resulted in their daughter's death.

"My client's family has gone through a very terrible and traumatic ordeal in losing their sweet daughter who once was a straight A student and star cheerleader in her high school," Attorney Thomas McKay, the lawyer for the Williams family, told reporters from the Los Angeles County Courthouse. "Hollywood needs to consider what they are doing when they portray beauty as something ugly which can have dire consequences on our children's easily influenced minds."

Elizabeth and Frank Williams daughter, Sarah Williams, was once very athletic and was a mere 105 pounds until the début of the Anna Nicole Show on E! Entertainment Television. She was a huge fan of the show her mother told reporters from her living room in eastern Alabama. "She recorded all the shows and put posters from the show up on her walls. She idolized Anna in every way."

Anna Nicole Smith, born in Houston, has been a Playboy Playmate of the Year, a Guess? jeans model and a billionaire's wife. The blonde bombshell, larger-than-life star of The Anna Nicole Show, has appeared in films like The Naked Gun 33 1/3 and The Hudsucker Proxy.

Young Sarah Williams soon started wearing make up in a very unattractive way, posed naked for  neighborhood boys, started eating Twinkies and Bon Bon's with Cheese Wiz to gain weight, and bought floozy outfits way too small for her growing size. Her parents told of horror stories of Sarah challenging kids at school to eating contests, hanging around the lesbian-in-denial crowd, and even sticking her head in the household freezer for hours on end in a attempt to kill brain cells.

The family regretted not seeing the signs sooner but "they were too subtle to detect." It was on a night late last year when the Williams' came home from a night of Bingo that they found Sarah lying dead all over the kitchen floor. They believe Sarah watched the 'Anna Nicole Christmas Special' in which she saw where Anna had packed on another 150 pounds from the previous season. Elizabeth believes Sarah then ate all she could find in sight, just as Anna does on her reality show, to put on weight until she finally exploded.

Autopsy reports released by the Williams' attorney reveal that Sarah ingested 19 boxes of Twinkies, 7 large 'stuffed crust' Pizza Hut pizzas, 11 cans of Cheese Wiz, and 2 large tubs of raw Crisco. She apparently washed down the food with Vegetable Oil. The food was too much for Sarah's body, which violently exploded all over the family kitchen. Her weight at her time of death was 389 pounds compared to Anna's astounding one ton.

"It is time for Hollywood to have some morals and step up and take some responsibility," McKay said. "They flaunt this extreme lardness as such a beautiful thing and expect our children not to emulate it."

E! refused to comment on the lawsuit until their lawyers could finish laughing. Anna Nicole Smith however did meet reporters from the driveway of her L.A. home wheezing and mumbling but regrettably  no intelligible comment could be recorded. News2Me is currently working with Ozzy Osbourne is translate the audio.

Staff Writer Ryan Phillips reporting for News2me



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