Posted on Tuesday, March 4 / 2003

New York Residents Cope With Living In A Disaster Stricken City

NEW YORK CITY - The city of big business deals, fast pace lifestyle, and often being the first glimpse of democracy to many immigrants traveling to the the new world has portrayed New York as a city of power and hope to millions. Many people who call New York City their home, however, are packing up and leaving the city vowing to never return.

The single reason for this mass migration off the island is shared by all who flood the Brooklyn Bridge. "The city is full of bad luck. I'm tired of living in fear," is what one woman clutching her child in the cold snowy weather said as many around her agreed in unison.

The events of September Eleventh only brought home the issue of New York's poor record of disastrous events over the past century. In 1996, New York was the subject of massive alien attacks that killed thousands in the city and destroyed numerous structures including the Empire State Building.

1998 brought another savage attack from a mysterious sea creature the Japanese call 'Godzilla'. It destroyed most of Manhattan and gave birth to several destructive offspring before military forces could drive it away.

The '98' lizard attack wasn't the first time a larger than life creature terrorized the famous city. In 1933 a ape escaped from a group of fortune-hunters and ransacked the city causing millions of dollars worth of damage. The ape reportedly was searching for a human female to mate with. The Empire State Building was nearly destroyed in that attack.

There was once even a report of New York's total destruction far into the future back in 1968.  Experts and government officials scoffed at the claim that insisted nuclear war would one day destroy New York and give rise to a race of apes and other monkey races.

As recently as 2002, madman and business tycoon Green Goblin had people fearing for their lives as he turned a parade into a panicked frenzy. Luckily, local hero Spiderman was on duty to save most from certain death.

Spiderman wasn't living in New York back in 1984 when a four hundred foot Stay Puff Marshmallow Man took over the downtown before local experts destroyed the jolly looking creature, "saving all mankind" according to their claims afterwards.

There have been hundreds of other New York incidents over the years but citizens are finally fed up and are moving out. "This city seems to be the focal point for weird and wacky things but no more," says Ricky Klutz. "I mean, if its not a asteroid crashing down on us its some English guy stealing gold in dump truck and planting bombs all over the city. I'm outa here."

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg appealed to citizens to rethink their desire to move away but his pleas are getting largely ignored by the public. "I'm moving to the Midwest; you never hear of anything bad in the Midwest," Ricky said as he tied his belongings to the roof of his car. "Just stay out of Cali. Nothing but earthquakes, volcanoes, and bad cops out there."

Staff Writer Ryan Phillips reporting for News2me



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