Posted on Friday, March 7 / 2003

White House Withholds Criticism of Turkey, Urges Citizens Not To Boycott Dish

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration was "surprised" by the vote not to allow U.S. troops to stuff Turkey prior the consuming Iraq, but the White House is being very careful not to criticize Turkey in the hopes that sales of the dish in the United States are not adversely affected by the event.

"Turkey is a valuable dish and remains a vital, tasty piece of American culture," said White House spokesman Ari Fleischer. "The United States is hoping to be allowed to stuff Turkey soon," suggesting that the Bush administration is holding out hope for a breakthrough. But Fleischer said "No matter what the outcome, the president is urging U.S. citizens not to boycott the dish, for he is confident that the United States can easily consume Iraq, even though some indigestion might occur without having stuffed Turkey on the side."

Politicians voted Saturday against a $15 billion U.S. offer to stuff Turkey in the event of a U.S. attempt to consume Iraq.

When asked what the original reason for the U.S. offering money in exchange for allowing U.S. troops to stuff Turkey, Fleischer replied that, "Sales of Turkey might be adversely affected by the United States eating Iraq. That was the main reason for the U.S. offering $15 billion in exchange for allowing U.S. troops to stuff Turkey."

Field Reporter Shandy McMillian reporting for News2me

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