Posted on Tuesday, March 18 / 2003

Jackson, NAACP, CBC Claim 'White House' Is Discriminatory, Demand It Be Repainted

The Whitie House.

WASHINGTON -- Jesse Jackson joined today with the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP in filing a civil rights lawsuit against the federal government claiming that the term 'White House' is discriminatory and offensive to all United States citizens who are not members of the Caucasian community.

Jackson was quoted as saying "The term 'White House' is often used synonymously with 'the President of the United States and his cabinet' and is similar in form to the term 'Congressional Black Caucus'."

Jackson went on to say, "the 'Congressional Black Caucus' advocates positions supported by members of the black community.  Similarly, every time one hears that the White House advocates or opposes a particular issue, it is implied that that position is one supported by members of the Caucasian community.  This is especially true in light of the White House's recent decision to oppose the way the University of Michigan takes race into account in making admission decisions.  Use of term 'White House' by the federal government is a direct violation of the 14th amendment, which forbids giving one ethnic group or culture special advantages over the other.  As a result, we are today demanding that the United States government repaint the White House purple, a color not associated with any particular race, and rename it the 'Purple House'."

Field Reporter Dengle Barry reporting for News2me

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