Posted on Wednesday, March 19 / 2003

Frustrated Peace Activist Who Bought House Near Bush Cannot Find Cheney

News2Me exclusive photo of Dick Cheney's suspected 'undisclosed location'.

DALLAS, Texas - John Wolf, a peace activist from the Dallas Area who recently bought a home in Crawford, TX which he plans to use as an interfaith peace house that can serve as a base to launch anti-war protests, was quoted today as saying that buying a home adjacent to Vice-President Cheney's is "the next goal on my hit-list".  So far, however, he has had little luck in locating the residence of the Vice-President.

"Locating the home of Vice-President Cheney has been and continues to be a long, grueling, drawn-out, and frustrating process.  This is due to the fact that, ever since September 11, he has remained hidden in a secret, undisclosed location.  I am, as a result, currently scouring the records of every tax appraisal district in the country for his name.  I have so far narrowed the search down to about 25 states," Wolf said.

When asked about the incident, White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer burst out into laughter while stating "If Mr. Wolf thinks that he can locate the Vice-President's home by searching government tax databases for his records, he is wrong, for, as the rest of the country knows, Mr. Cheney has not paid taxes for many years."

Staff Writer Dengle Barry reporting for News2me



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