You have accessed the National Security Agency Intranet database for Project #7462Beta4, or Project Quantum Leap as it is generally called by the team. A level clearance of GR-3 or better is required to access the project files and to familiarize yourself with the Quantum Leap theory used to operate the leap chamber.

This is a chatroom based role playing game where you take on the role of a member of a elite military team who's mission is to prevent tragic events through time travel. Get ready for a wild ride!


06/10/2002: Played our first game! You can check out a report on the operations page. Join up and play along with us next Monday evening!

06/09/2002: Added several players to the personnel page. Hope to see everyone tomorrow night in the game! Again, its 8PM EST (1AM GMT)!

06/07/2002: Added the icon at the top beside the banner. If it says I'm online you can chat live with me simply by clicking on it. A great tool to help answer questions or just to get your input and feedback!

06/06/2002: I added some helpful information to the training page to help clarify how the game is played in the chatroom. If you have any questions that aren't answered feel free to post a question on the forum.

06/06/2002: Paul Sanchez was added to Alpha team as Medical Officer. You can check out his military record on the personnel page.

06/05/2002: Alice Smith was added to Alpha Team as Intelligence Officer. You can check out her military record on the personnel page.

06/05/2002: It appears that the website has generated more traffic than the webhost Tripod allows. Thats a big feat considering the site has been up less than a week! Because of this peaking out of bandwidth the site may go down during peak traffic but only for a hour or so. I hope to resolve this issue by Friday.

06/04/2002: Christopher Anderson was added to Alpha Team as Weapons Expert. You can check out his military record on the personnel page.

06/03/2002: This website Role Playing Game has finally been put online after two years sitting on a disc! The games will begin once we reach our player quota. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at