Name:Alice Smith
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Branch of Service: United States Marine Corps
Status: Active Duty
Rank: Second Lieutenant

Current Assignment: NSA Project #7462Beta4
Position: Alpha Team / Intelligence Officer


Navy / Marine Unit Commendation National Defense Medal

Service File

Graduating from military college in 2001 and was placed into forward recon. Passed jump training in January 2002. Soon after her jump team earned a unit commendation. Upon completion of the joint services counter-intel classes at Langley, Virginia, applied for a NSA project in Nevada. Exceptional military record.

Psychological Profile

Alice is a nice, kind, and gentle woman but the natural marine charm can come out. Scored very highly in our IQ tests and we know of at least four languages she can speak other than English. She does have a scar on her face, from the ear to her mouth. Our records do not list why.