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 Articles Covering Month Of February / 2003

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  • Feb 21st

      Handgun Falls To Number Two For Deaths Per Year, Behind Nightclubs

      WEST WARWICK - With last nights blaze during a Great White concert inside a local nightclub in Rhode Island as well as last weeks stampede in a Chicago nightclub, clubs have bumped handguns out of the number one spot for number of deaths per year... |Complete Story |
  • Feb 20th

      Judge Judy Nominated By US To Head United Nations

      New York - The White House today called for Secretary General Kofi Annan to step down from the United Nations and has nominated network television's Judge Judith Sheindlin to take his place... |Complete Story |
      Kia Motors Operated By North Korea; Americans Warned
      Washington - In a bomb shell announcement Thursday CIA Director George Tenet revealed Kia Motors Company, based in Seoul, South Korea, is indeed owned and managed by the North Korean communist government... |Complete Story |
      Border Patrol Catches Imposter Vehicles, 'Ya'll Cant Fool Us' Agents Boast
      WTUCSON - Border Patrol officers on Wednesday seized nearly a ton of marijuana and 81 Mexicans concealed inside two sport utility vehicles painted to resemble U.S. Border Patrol SUV's and intercepted at the Texas/Mexican border... |Complete Story |
  • Feb 19th

      Ronald McDonald Announces Presidential Run, Gephardt Bows Out

      NEW YORK - Long time fast food child icon Ronald McDonald announced today that he would seek the Democratic nomination for president in 2004, astonishing many in Washington... |Complete Story |

  • Feb 18th

      North Korea Threatens U.S. With Nukes, Says Duct Tape & Plastic Won't Help

      PANMUNJOM - Communist North Korea threatened to abandon the 1953 Korean War armistice and announced it would win a nuclear confrontation with the United States, even with the U.S.'s arsenal of duct tape and plastic... |Complete Story |
  • Feb 17th

      Navy Crippled After Vaccine Mix Up

      WASHINGTON - Thousands of serious reactions have been reported out of more than 100,000 military vaccinations against smallpox, the Navy's deputy director for military vaccines said Thursday... |Complete Story |
  • Feb 16th

      Band N'Sync Travel To Baghdad To Act As 'Human Shields'

      BAGHDAD - The popular pop boy band N'Sync arrived in Iraq today to join the anti-war effort by going as far as acting as human shields to deter the United States from bombing targets in and around Baghdad... |Complete Story |
      Michael's Clone Dies at Age 6
      CALIFORNIA - Michael Jackson's clone, the first cloned human baby, was definitely unique to the other babies in the nursery. Blanket, aged 6, was reportedly put to sleep by doctors... |Complete Story |
  • Feb 15th

      Bush Says Nation Preparing for Terror Threat

      WASHINGTON - President Bush said on Saturday the government was taking steps to protect the nation from another terrorist attack, and urged Americans to empty their bank accounts and spend all their cash which would boost the economy as well as make financial institutions less of a threat of attack... |Complete Story |

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